ˈOrigin: South East France
Mugshot: A cabaret-dancing drag queen; often big, always spicy, and undeniably fruity. Yet not incapable of feminine charms.
Local haunt: South Africa, South Australia, Rhone (France), and Spain.

Like David Beckham, Shiraz proves that it’s possible to have boring “never-heard-of-them” parents, and still become a superstar. Again, like Beckham, despite Shiraz’s best efforts to claim exotic Middle Eastern roots, everyone knows (thanks to DNA testing) that he is simply the offspring of two humble middle-class grapes (Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche), who may or may not have recently filed for divorce.

Oft packed with ripe, dense black fruit references, and usually finished off with a Nikki-Minaj-like caboose, packed full of cloves, black pepper, white pepper, and oaky vanilla Shiraz is for those who like to have a little more booty to hold at night, but may not always want the sort of serious relationship that a Cab Sauv might demand. That said, Shiraz is no stranger to depth and complexity.