Petit Verdot

If the Bordeaux Five were a happy family, Petit Verdot would be the beefy, dense, muscly gym-obsessed teenage son. Big on tannins, huge on black fruit, and denser than a Jack Russell on opiates, this guy is all about the brawn. So if you’re a big fan of tannins, dense, sweet black fruit, and a heavy mouthfeel, then Petit Verdot might just be your poison of choice.

In the new world, the abundance of heat (and the ubiquitous desire to stick it to the French) has seen this late-ripening grape thrive in warmer lands like Argentina, Australia, and South Africa. The abundant heat of the new world often employs this beefcake as a solo act, rather than simply seeing it as “the muscle” in an ensemble cast, as Bordeaux winemakers like to do.

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