Blind tasting events //

Moments of Truth

Once a month, the local chapter of the MessageintheBottle tasting group gets together to learn stuff, ask stupid questions, make some horrendous guesses, and uber home in the early hours of the morning. At these events, we perform a blind tasting of five wines, picked along a given theme, whether it be variety-specific, region-specific, or a range of a specific blend styles (eg Bordeaux-style blends, Cape blends, or Rhone-style blends). Only one person knows in the room knows which wines are on the table (someone has to go buy them!) but we have cunningly kept a teetotaller on retainer in order to decant the wines, so that no one at the table knows which wine is where.

The goal of these events is, as far as possible, is to test our palates, learn a thing or two, and ultimately put the concept of true value to the test. When all the branding is removed, and we are left with the wine itself, it is the most honest assessment of preference-to-investment one can achieve.

Here are the reports from our most recent events:

South African Pinot Noir event – September 2016