Hot off the Wine Press //

No one likes reading about a flash sale one week too late. Or finding a list of Top Ten wines to explore only to discover all the vintages are sold out.

To remedy those awful dark moments of FOMO despair, this page is a quick touch point for some of the exciting things unfolding in the wine industry.

There are no opinions here. Just links to recent news.

Recent Headlines:

21 November 2016 – Springfield Estate finally released their 1997 Methode Ancienne Cabernet Sauvignon, nicknamed The Lost Vintage. I will be publishing my interview with winemaker Jeannette Bruwer soon, but in the meantime you can get the headlines from the press release published by

15 November 2016 – Andrea Mullineux named World Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, to add to the mountain of awards garnered by Mullineux Wines.

Platter’s Wine Guide announces its 2017 5-Star Wines. I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a #feesmustfall version of the list for the more moderately middle-class amongst us.

FNB Top Ten Sauvignon Blanc 2016 winners are announced. Summer is around the corner, and even if you’re praying for rain so that you can crack a heavy wooded Chardonnay, you may as well acquaint yourself with all things light and grassy. There are some real crackers here. Hold the ice.